Incognito Browser


In the app store, you will find the many browsers which are the alternative for google browsers. This is the reason that you can find this Incognito Browser in the third-party app source. The application is safe to download and also it will require personal information. Most of the people have downloaded this app and none of them have complained against it.  The latest version of this Incognito Browser is 50.0.56. This will be useful for searching for any kind of website without any cookies, cache, and others. All you browsing history will be hidden when you exit from the Incognito Browser app. This will be useful for doing personal work or watching porn websites, banking, transaction, and others.  This Incognito Browser is much safe to launch and search for the required content. This mobile browser is having worldwide fans as this app is supporting multiple languages.

Features of this Incognito Browser

  • The user interface of the browser is fast and more attractive. You will able to get the latest trending results.
  • The application will be lightweight and also this will allow the users to watch the videos in the full-screen mode.
  • The night mode feature will be helpful to browse for a long time as this will not give any eye irritation.
  • The users can able to switch between the tabs more comfortably. 
  • The userfriendly nature of the browser will enable the user to surf as much as they can by using the more number of the tabs and then switch between them more comfortably.
  • The third person or the hackers will never get the chance to get your private details.
  • You will find the browser without any ads.

Previous Apk Versions:

There are not many previous versions available for this app apart from the latest version 50.0.56.